Top 3 Benefits of Physician Dispensed Cosmeceuticals

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Skincare products that are exclusively available at the physician’s office are referred to as physician dispensed cosmeceuticals. Some skincare products need a physician’s prescription due to the active ingredient. These active ingredients can trigger biological actions on the skin and the tissues underneath the surface.

There are multiple advantages of cosmetics dispensed at the physician’s office. One of the most significant benefits is that all the ingredients used in the products are clinically proven. They play a significant role in enhancing the skin condition, as proven in scientific studies. In this blog,  let us have a look at an overview of physician dispensed cosmeceuticals.

What are Physician-Grade or Physician Dispensed Cosmeceuticals?

The FDA does not officially recognize the term physician dispensed cosmeceuticals, it refers to the skincare exclusively available or prescribed by the physician. These skincare products can trigger biological actions on the skin underneath the stratum corneum.

A cosmetic is a product that is not supposed to make alterations to the structure or function of the skin. Hence, healthcare professionals who have expertise in skin-related health dispense these cosmeceuticals.  A few physicians might also make specific alterations to these cosmetic products to heighten or enhance the treatment results. These specially compounded cosmetics are perfectly suitable for treatments like Botox and other surgeries.

Physician dispensed skincare products are usually compounded with pharmaceuticals regulated by the FDA, such as Tretinoin.

What are the Top 3 Advantages of  Physician Dispensed Cosmeceuticals

The following are the benefits of using skincare products prescribed by a physician:

1.   Designed to Deliver Better Results

There are a variety of options available in the drugstore and departmental store. Additionally, various skincare brands operate on multi-level marketing to penetrate their products in the market. However, they will not be able to meet the quality and strengths of the ingredients used in physician dispensed skin care products. These products are formulated with stronger concentrations of ingredients. Furthermore, the way it interacts with the skin effectively helps achieve the desired results. Physician dispensed cosmeceuticals deliver faster and more effective results compared to over-the-counter cosmetic products.

Peptides and Vitamin C are a few of the effective ingredients formulated in physician-grade cosmeceuticals. The percentage and delivery of peptides play an important role in how they impact the skin’s appearance.

In order to have an impact like enhanced fibroblast activity or collagen synthesis, a clinical amount of peptide is required. There are various products that are marketed as inclusive of peptides. However, the amount will be very minimal, which might not deliver the expected results.

While buying skin care products, it is crucial to have to look at the ingredients used in formulating the product. It is also important to look at the concentration of the ingredients in the product. Over-the-counter medications might have vitamin C in their ingredients. However, the form of vitamin C available in these products does not have the required result on the human skin.

There are various forms of vitamin C available in the market for consumption. The most efficient, stable, costly, and non-acidic form of vitamin C is tetra hexyl decyl ascorbate. This ingredient is widely found in various physician dispensed cosmeceuticals.

2.   Penetrate More Deeply into Your Skin

One of the significant bottlenecks of these skincare products is having the key ingredients penetrate into the skin on a deeper level to have the desired effect. As physician dispensed cosmeceuticals are backed by the right research and development, they can be more impactful than generic skincare products.

The majority of generic skincare products will not penetrate the skin, instead, they will sit on the surface. These over-the-counter beauty products will not have any impact on the skin’s quality, appearance, or health. Skin professionals, physicians, and scientists do an extensive amount of research before formulating and creating the products. They customize the formulations so that the cosmetic ingredients reach the basal layer to initiate the desired change.

3.   Profits Funds More Research

Majority of the cosmetic manufacturers invest a huge amount of money to endorse celebrities and other marketing gimmicks. These celebrities do not even use the products and endorse them for money.  However, the profits from physician dispensed cosmeceuticals go back to the research and development team for product enhancements.

These profits are spent on clinical research and trials to ensure the products are efficient and safe for use to deliver the expected results. Physician dispensed skin care products have their proof of concept in place based on the numerous studies conducted on these products. They are capable of delivering the results they promise to deliver.


Physician dispensed cosmeceuticals have numerous advantages. The ingredients used in the formulation are clinically tested and proven through multiple studies. Scientists formulate these products for specific skin conditions and issues like texture, pigment, wrinkles, laxity, wrinkles, tone, and acne. An experienced healthcare professional will assist in choosing products to enhance the aesthetics of the skin and will be a value-for-money purchase. Depending on the skin condition, the physician dispensed skin care products will help cleanse, tone, moisturize, and protect the skin. These products are effective for peeling, rejuvenating, and restoring skin over time.

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