How Does Wind Turbine Gearbox Repair and Refurbishment Boost Energy Output?

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The wind turbine gearbox is the hero of towering turbines in renewable energy fields, keeping the shaft running and the wind power plant humming in perfect harmony. But what happens when this vital part of the wind energy revolution begins to falter? That is when the need for wind turbine gearbox repair and refurbishment comes into the picture.

The repair and refurbishment of wind turbine gearbox are crucial to keep blades spinning for generating energy. So, let’s step into the fascinating world of repair and refurbishment of wind turbine gearboxes and the leading manufacturers and service providers reshaping the industry.

Wind Turbine Gearbox Repair and Refurbishment: From Rust to Refine

A wind turbine gearbox holds significant importance within an electrical windmill as it plays a key role in enhancing the rotational speed of the shaft. It is also a vital component of the turbine powertrain, which is responsible for facilitating the movement of the windmill. Thus, wind turbine gearboxes are substantial for ensuring efficient electricity generation.

Typically, these robust gearboxes are available in various designs and configurations tailored to the manufacturer’s requirements.

A wind turbine gearbox is usually fixed within the turbine’s nacelle. The type of gearbox installed depends on the size and power of the generator.

The construction of wind turbine gearboxes often involves sophisticated software modeling tools, computer models, and calculation methodologies. However, all of them require competent maintenance. Wind turbine servicing now caters to a large global business, and it’s just getting bigger with each new machine that comes online.

Top 5 Experts in Wind Turbine Gearbox Repair and Refurbishment Powering the Winds of Change

While the growing demand for turbine gearbox repairs is prompting the entrance of new players, some gearbox manufacturers are considered prominent. The top 5 wind turbine gearbox repair and refurbishment providers include:

1. Siemens Gamesa

Siemens Gamesa has a proven track record in wind turbine gearbox repair and refurbishment, providing high-quality services to optimize performance and reliability. Siemens Gamesa offers high-quality services, including spare parts, blade service products, and repair and reconditioning services.

The company’s innovative RecyclableBlades technology ensures blade integrity management, repair, and maintenance for wind turbines. Siemens Gamesa has awarded a turbine installation contract to Danish company Cadeler for 26 O-class wind turbines at the Aflandshage offshore wind farm in Copenhagen. The company aims to produce 100% recyclable turbines by 2040 and increase recyclability in wind turbine components during repair and refurbishment processes.

2. Winergy Group

Winergy Group specializes in wind turbine gearbox repair and refurbishment, offering comprehensive services to diagnose and address issues, ensuring optimal performance and extending turbine lifespan. They follow defined repair processes and offer predictive maintenance solutions. Flnder recently acquired Finnish gearbox manufacturer Moventas, integrating engineering and service capabilities, fostering Flender’s wind drives business under the Winergy product brand.

3. Dana Brevini SpA

Dana Brevini SpA is a company that manufactures and supplies gearboxes for various applications, including wind turbine gearbox systems. An expert in wind turbine gearbox repair and refurbishment, Dana Brevini SpA is known for producing high-quality planetary gearboxes for use in different parts of wind energy plants, such as the rotor and the nacelle.

Dana Brevini® Yaw and Pitch drive gearboxes are used by many of the major wind turbine OEMs. It provides input and offers sustainable and reliable solutions to meet requirements and its service division has a vast experience of servicing gearboxes for the main drives as well as the Yaw and Pitch.

4. Stork Gears & Services BV

Stork Gears & Services offers wind energy services focusing on repairing, refurbishing, and modifying wind turbines. The government aims to promote environmentally sustainable energy production, with wind turbines being the most common challenge. The HAWT supports this aim with sustainable electricity generation, with its main rotor shaft and generator requiring low rotational speed.

Stork Gears & Services has been asked by windmill owners to restore these turbines to their original state, addressing the complex task of repairing and modifying these turbines.

5. ABB

Another major firm in the wind turbine gearbox repair and refurbishment space, ABB provides maintenance and full-service agreements for wind turbine electrical components, offering customized solutions for fleet management. Well-engineered power transformation and control systems are crucial for maximum power generation. ABB converts stall- and pitch-controlled wind turbines to full power, enhancing efficiency, reliability, and grid code compliance. It offers on-site or workshop repairs, flexible response, and 24/7 technical support through ABB Service Local Centers.

Stepping into Refinement

Wind Turbine Gearbox Repair and Refurbishment are crucial practices for continued success and efficiency of wind energy generation. By investing in these processes, wind turbine owners and operators can prolong the lifespan of the gearboxes, minimize downtime, reduce overall maintenance costs, and contribute to sustainability efforts.

Repairing and refurbishing wind turbine gearboxes not only addresses specific issues but also enhances the overall performance and energy efficiency of the turbines. By fine-tuning and optimizing the gearboxes, operators can ensure maximum power generation while minimizing the strain on the entire system.

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